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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Will it cut us if we touch it?

A young boy found a small yellow flower.  He found the flower growing from a crack in the sidewalk near an abandoned factory.
The police were notified immediately when someone spotted the boy touching the flower.
Soon, six smartly dressed officers surrounded the yellow flower.  “What does the yellow signify?” asked one officer.  “Will it cut us if we touch it?” asked another officer.  “What if it continues to grow?” asked a third officer.
A loud, clanking machine was brought in to uproot the flower.
The flower was taken to a great university.  Four scientists collected around the flower.  “Can we grow this into a cash crop?” asked one scientist.  “Can we produce a drug from the oils?” asked another scientist.  “What is required to keep it alive?” asked a third scientist.
After much observation and testing, the small yellow flower was deemed harmless and, most importantly, of no immediate value. The scientists discarded the flower in the trash.
Several years later, an abandoned landfill near the university was ablaze with small yellow flowers.  The flowers didn’t fret that they were flourishing on a pile of refuse.  They didn’t analyze how they got there or how far they might spread.  The flowers simply stood their ground.
Moral of this story?    
Flowers don’t give a fuck.

--Mitchell Hegman


  1. Yep! Flowers don't give a fuck. And neither do some people. :)

  2. Yep. But I prefer flowers that don't.