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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Snow Changes Everything

A couple days ago the sun finally peeked through following our first significant snowstorm of the season.  That girl and I took advantage of the clearing weather and drove a half-dozen miles to the regulating reservoir as a way to get out of the house.
Snow changes everything.  The landscape softens and purifies under the white sameness of snow.  Sharp sound turn blunt.  The sky is a deeper blue and matters more.  Birds of prey rise up without stirring a wing.  The snow remembers in tracks where every rabbit or deer has been.
We drove around the now frozen body of water, stopping occasionally just so I could fling myself out there and plant a few tracks of my own in unmarked snow.
Posted today are images of the earthen dam and the stone riprap on the now quiet shore.

--Mitchell Hegman


  1. Winter in Montana has its own kind of beauty!

  2. Indeed! I do like the snow. The bitter cold is not so fun, though it does not last for long.