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Monday, December 19, 2016

Women See Red, Men Build Shops

As a point of fact, the brains of men and women are hardwired in very different fashions.  Women, for example, will read through instructions entirely before attempting a new task.  Men, on the other hand, are very competitive and would just as soon beat-up someone as read instructions.  “Instructions are for idiots,” a man will spout when confronted with them.
Women also see more colors than men.  This is especially true in red.  The ability for women to see more colors is often problematic for men.  I give you the following conversation to illustrate.
Woman: “What should I wear to the Christmas Party?
Man: “Wear that red dress of yours.”
Woman“Which one?  Do you mean the garnet red, mahogany red, or the sangria red?”
Man:  “No, the red one…I mean blue.  Did I say red?”
The difference in how women see colors is, frankly, a constant point of conflict.  The matter of color “matching” has led to countless arguments in clothing stores and furniture retail outlets.  In selecting colors for room décor, the baffling racks of too many shades in the house paint aisle at Home Depot are largely the result of women.
Finally, men have superior “spatial” reasoning.  They are capable of looking at everything they own and knowing immediately they need a much bigger garage.  This also makes men superior at packing everything into an automobile before an extended trip.  Men possess an innate ability to size-up a space and know what will fit.  As men age, they realize their garage is no longer big enough.  The answer is a large, detached shop with an oversized overhead door.  And they don’t need blueprints for consrtruction...until their first attempt at construction fails.

--Mitchell Hegman