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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Lesson Learned

I soaked in the hot tub early this morning—long before the sun shark-finned along the Big Belt Mountains to our east.  A tiny see-through-type winged insect floated up to my left hand as I relaxed in the steamy water.  The bug appeared to be a goner.  I swept the bug up out of the water with my index finger.  
Before we finish talking about the bug, I need to share a couple facts about me, some of which you may not care to know.
For one thing, I don’t wear underwear.  This, plus a zipper, can be problematic.  These days, I tend to favor button up pants.
I once hit myself in the head with my own hammer.  That was an accident, I assure you.
I also stabbed myself in the ass with a fillet knife.  Another accident.
I sometimes do stupid things on purpose.  I give you, for example, the time I tried to jump my motorcycle over a roadway.  Let’s just go with splat for an ending there.
The big thing is this: I often learn my lessons by doing the wrong things first.  This is where the little insect returns to my blog.  As I lifted the insect from the water with my index finger, I thought to myself, “I wonder if I can revive this fella with chest pumps?”
I tried to work the bug between my index finger and the pinky finger from my other hand.
The fact that insects don’t exactly have a chest as we know it complicated my procedure right from the start.  And this little bug was particularly soft.  The rescue process got kind of squishy and ugly.  I think we should leave the subject with that.
Lesson learned.
I need to stick with hurting myself as I go forward.

--Mitchell Hegman


  1. Hurting one's self is a realistic thing to expect as WE all go through life

  2. Agree. But I think I have a special gift for doing so.

  3. Agree. But I think I have a special gift for doing so.

  4. I hear ya! You don't have to say it twice! lol!