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...because some of it is pretty and some of it is not.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Welcome Window

I work with two computers.  A desktop and a laptop.  I set them up as twins—more or less—so that all of my work files exist on each one.  I primarily use my laptop, but share files between machines with dropbox.  If my laptop should crash—this has happened—I can theoretically pick up right where I left off on my desktop machine.
Well, this morning, I and 40 pounds housecat sat before my desktop model in bewilderment.
Okay, I was bewildered.
My 40 pounds of housecat were sitting there shedding hair all over my keyboard, concerned that I may never feed them again.
Here is what I did.  In a moment of weakness, I gave in to the pop-up window on my desktop and clicked to accept a free upgrade to Windows 10.  This is the same sort of weakness that causes people to purchase time share condos in Mexico or pleasure boats with a loan requiring twelve years of payments.
My machine worked through the night, the screen filling with percentage numbers and loading bars and who knows what.  I woke before sunrise and found a great light emanating from my den.  A massive blue computer screen.  Welcome, Mitch, to Windows 10.
I clicked on a few things.
Holy hell, where am I?  What is that?
That’s when my cats appeared and jumped up onto my desk.
I poked at my keyboard and swished my cursor back and forth.
Here we go kids.  One step forward.  One step sideways.  Three steps back.  Click, click, click.

--Mitchell Hegman