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Monday, July 11, 2016

Rock Creek Resort

In Montana, it’s difficult to throw a rock without having it plunk into a creek named Rock Creek.  There seems a Rock Creek at every turn.  The Rock Creek in Granite County Montana, between Missoula and Philipsburg, is world renowned for trout fishing.  Another “notable” Rock creek is located in Carbon County, on the opposite end of Montana.
This writing is about the Rock Creek that crashes down from the Beartooth Mountains in Carbon County, near Billings.
Rock Creek Resort is located along the Carbon County Rock Creek, about five miles south of Red Lodge at the base of Beartooth Highway.  Beartooth Highway, is one of the gateways into Yellowstone Park.  Dare I say it, the most spectacular entry into the park.  Some people consider Beartooth Highway to be the most scenic drive in America.  This drive easily lands in everyone’s top ten.
First opened in 1936, the Beartooth climbs an astounding 10,947 feet high into the Beartooth Mountains before depositing you in Yellowstone Park.  By “climbs” I mean loops, twists, and hooks around.  This is rugged country.  The highest mountains in Montana are found in this vicinity.
A snowstorm hit the mountains last night.  Plows are presently clearing snow.  Hopefully we (six of us) will be driving over the Beartooth Highway in a few hours.  I reserved rooms at the Rock Creek Resort after reading dozens of very good reviews online.  I and all of my travelling companions love the place.  Rock Creek flounces along just below a private deck located outside our room.  The mountains surge up all around us.  The staff here are very professional and well organized.
The rooms were not expensive.
The Rock Creek Resort is owned and operated by Pepi Gramshammer and his wife.  Pepi is from Austria and was, at one time, a championship ski racer.  Pepi came here over forty years ago and fell in love with the mountains and Red Lodge Ski Resort is just down the road.
Posted is a photograph of that girl in in Red Lodge and a photograph of the Rock Creek Resort.

--Mitchell Hegman

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