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Thursday, October 27, 2016

If the Electrical Code Governed Cat Juggling

Article 300, Cat Juggling

300.10 Juggling Cats     It shall be permitted to juggle cats under the conditions expressed in 300.10 (A) through (E).

(A) Fluffy cats shall not be permitted for cat juggling
(B) The cats shall be permitted to be declawed.
(C) Using the tails of the cats as a handle shall not be permitted.
(D) No more than four cats shall be juggled simultaneously.
(E) Where two or more cats are juggled simultaneously, the sum of the weight of the individual cats shall not exceed 50 pounds.

300.12 Cat Juggling Not Permitted    Cat Juggling shall not be permitted in classified locations such as operating rooms, anesthetizing locations, fuel dispensing areas, and spray booths.

300.15 Cat Jugglers    Only qualified persons shall juggle cats.

--Mitchell Hegman