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Monday, October 3, 2016

What about Delaware?

Ohio is probably just the same as any other place in these United States.  What I mean by that is: you can find a horse for free here if you want to.
You need to ignore the “Free Horse for Sale” ads on the internet to get there, but you can get there…to free horses, I mean.
I am not sure how something for sale is free.  I may explore that idea in a different blog.  Maybe one for another state.  Say, Delaware, which is a state I always tend for forget about.
Maybe we should all learn something about Delaware.
We might be missing something big there!
Anyhow, there is something wrong with my brain.  Late at night, I wake to all kinds of obscure thoughts.  One night I woke to this thought: “Have I tucked my bedding in tightly enough to hold me in bed if gravity were to fail in the middle of the night?  And what if the bed floats?”   Another time I woke up with this: “What would it look like if all the birds within a mile flew off at once?”
No real answer to stuff like that.
Last night, this: “I wonder if you can find a horse for free here in Ohio?”
The something wrong with my brain is not necessarily that I entertain these random thoughts.  I suppose we all have that.  The wrong part is that such thoughts sometimes keep me awake for quite a while.  I pick up the thoughts and run with them—treating them like something precious. 
First thing I did after waking this morning was search the internet for free horses here in Ohio.
Good on that.
What about Delaware?

--Mitchell Hegman

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