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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Men at Work

The male version of the human species makes for some interesting studies.  Probably, most of us should be permanently locked away and studied until such time it can be determined whether we, personally, mean the planet harm.
Men are 60 percent sexual liability, 19 percent mechanical ability, 10 percent reactionary, 10 percent daydreaming, and 1 percent pretty good stuff.  If you doubt my numbers, browse the internet for a bit and tally up what you find.
You know what…let’s just use me for an example, instead.      
Yesterday, that girl asked me to help her rotate the foam mattress on our bed.
Simple enough.
After that girl stripped the bedding, the two of us wrestled the foam mattress into a new orientation.  She then asked me to help her with the mattress sheet, which I did.  Distracted by something or other, I left the bedroom following that.
A couple minutes later, that girl called me back into the bedroom and pointed at a conspicuous lump under the sheet on the side of the bed where I had stationed myself as we pulled the sheet into place.  “What do you suppose that is?” she asked, pointed at the lump.
“I have a guess,” I said.
“What’s your guess?”
“Looks like one of those fuzzy balls you throw in the dryer.”
“Excellent guess!”  She laughed.  “You didn’t notice that when we put the sheets on the bed?”
Today I am posting photographic evidence of my “work.”  The associated photograph was captured with what has proven to be (time and time again) my smarter-than-me-phone.
I swear to you: I mean the planet no harm.
--Mitchell Hegman


  1. You probably need to go on a "how-to-make-a-bed" training. :)