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Friday, April 28, 2017

Something You Don’t Want to Hear

Doctor explaining the surgical procedure he is about to perform to his patient:
Doctor“I am going to make a small incision, something about the length of a butter knife, just below your belly button.”
Patient“That sounds pretty big.”
Doctor“I have made much bigger.”
Patient: “Oh…that’s, um, good, I guess…”
Doctor:  “Once I have made the incision—”
Patient“Before you go on, I have one more question.”
Doctor“Go ahead.”
Patient“Is belly button a term you really use in anatomy?”
Doctor“I like to use it.  So, after the incision is made, we are going to explore inside a little to see if we can find something.”
Patient“By something you mean…?”
Doctor:  “Something unusual.”
Patient: “By unusual you mean…?”
Doctor“That’s a good question.  At that point we are going to start conducting some Google searches on a computer to see there is any stuff out there that might help.”

--Mitchell Hegman


  1. Was the doctor Frank Abagnale Jr?

  2. Had to Google that one...I remember the move but forgot the name. Haha.