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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Why Do Shoelaces Come Untied?

Something bothered Oliver O’Reilly.  Specifically, he was bothered that his shoelaces always came untied when he went out running.  O’Reilly, a professor of mechanical engineering with the University of California, Berkeley, decided to conduct an in-depth study to figure out why his shoelaces came untied when he went running.
Using a high-speed camera and a study co-author (Christine Gregg) as the runner, they filmed actual knots untying.  Eventually, the researchers conducted studies on a pendulum that mimicked the stride of a runner.  This kind of controlled study (pun intended) added weight to their work.
Okay, I am going to tell you what the researchers discovered.  Try to keep up with me on this part.  I will put this in plain English to help.  Here is what the researchers figured out: Shoelaces come untied because the laces are flopping around.
Holy wow!
Who knew?
Upon finishing their study, the researchers published a paper.  The paper includes actual photographs of shoelaces, some stuff about inertia and gravity, and shoes.
I read about this study with great fascination, but in the end wondered: Why didn’t Oliver’s mother teach him to tie a double-knot so his laces won’t come untied?
--Mitchell Hegman
If you are interested in reading more about the shoelace study, try this link: 

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