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Friday, May 5, 2017

210 Pounds of Worshiping the Sun

Just so you know, there is something of a debate regarding the spelling of “worshiped.”  The English, ever persnickety in matters of their language, prefer “worshipped” spelled with a double “p.”  I suspect they have a reason.  Maybe it has something to do with “tea time.”  The English are touchy about tea time in particular.
I am still a bit miffed that they turned color into colour and girls into birds.
Enough of that.
Let’s talk about yesterday.
What a gorgeous day.
Wait a minute!  New development.  My smarter-than-me-phone just informed me that I can expect “light traffic” in my area.  Pretty accurate, actually.  I live way out in the sticks.  A single car—Kevin—drove past my house a minute ago.  Same as yesterday and the day before.
One car every day.  That’s pretty much it.
Thank you, smarter-than-me-phone.
Anyhow, yesterday, I and my 40 pounds of housecat sprawled out on my back deck to catch some sun.  First time of the year for that.  We were something of a heap if you wish to be precise.  My cats insisted on inhabiting my space.  I mean their space.
Cats tend to regard everything as theirs
As a final note, I had to cover my head from direct sunlight.  Two weeks ago, a pretty dermatologist with a sharp scalpel removed a couple chunks of skin from me.
Sun damage from the old days.
The sun gives life, the sun kills.

--Mitchell Hegman