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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Rocks or Animals

Some people are guided by rocks.  Okay, more like crystals.  My oldest sister—at least for a time—was one of those people.  I don’t wish to imply she was a crazy person having deep conversations with rocks.  She was just regular crazy like the rest of my family.  But she saw need to have specific crystals located in specific places in her house.
I like rocks, so I was cool with that.
Other people have animal guides.  Native Americans, for example, celebrated this concept.  I have a friend from the Blackfeet Nation who is guided by the grizzly bear.  For a time, she lived without fear at the edge of Badger-Two Medicine.  Bear country, for sure.
The splendid landscapes of Badger-Two Medicine were featured in the Robin Williams movie What Dreams May Come.
I am without a guide.  On one side: rocks.  On the other side: animals.  Basically, it’s just me and a bunch of bugs in the middle.

--Mitchell Hegman

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