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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Hot Tub

The thought occurred to me this morning that I write about sitting in my hot tub quite often.  I might hazard to say that—aside from those of us out there writing full-fledged hot tub blogs—I probably write about my hot tub more than anybody in the blogosphere.
Today, I am posting a picture of my hot tub.
If I was writing an actual blog about hot tubs, I would take a selfie of me in the hot tub.  Maybe I would write something about the pH balance.  Maybe I could compare the use of bromine to the use of chlorine.  I might discuss the latest generation of saltwater spas.
But my blog is generally about nonsense and I am naked somewhere under my clothing.  It is now time for me to find my naked and climb into the picture I just posted.
End of blog.

--Mitchell Hegman


  1. an enviable view from your hot tub.

  2. In the morning or under the stars, it is often the place to be!

  3. I very well remember that evening I was in the tub and there were snowflakes falling all around me. Just lovely!