Photography And Half-Thoughts By Mitchell Hegman

...because some of it is pretty and some of it is not.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Shirt and Shoes

Following, is my first conversion with that girl on our final day on the Big Island.  The conversation took place while I was sitting at the kitchen peninsula counter in our rented condominium.  I sat sipping coffee when that girl emerged from our nearby bedroom.

Mitch: Good morning!
That girl (rubbing eyes): Yep.
Mitch: How’d you sleep?
That girl: Pretty good (pauses, squints at me).  Your shirt is inside-out.
Mitch (without looking at shirt): Well…you know me.  I dressed in the dark so that I wouldn’t wake you.  That’s why I woke you by knocking shit over in the bathroom.
Following is a conversation that took place an hour or so later.  That girl called me into the bedroom.  She had ducked into the bedroom to pack her clothes for our return to Montana.  I found her standing near the closet.

That girl (hands behind her back, grinning): I have something to show you.
Mitch (taking a single step back): Am I in trouble?
That girl: Nope.  Not you.
Mitch: Okay.  Let me see what you have.
That girl (swings a “pair” of sandals out in front of herself): Check these out.  I brought them all the way here to Hawaii.
Mitch: Nobody will out-dress us, baby!

--Mitchell Hegman
NOTE: The photograph of the “pair” of sandals was captured with my smarter-than-me-cellphone.