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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Mirror Inside the Toilet Tank

The other day, while cleaning the bathroom, that girl dropped a cleaning tablet inside the tank of the toilet in our main bathroom.  Later in the day, she handed me a small mirror.  The mirror looked like the top from a small makeup compact. “I found this in the toilet tank,” she said.  “Does this belong in there?”

“Well, not exactly,” I responded.  “I can explain it, though.  Uyen put it inside there many years ago.”

The mirror at the bottom of the toilet tank was part of an overall feng shui scheme.  This scheme saw Uyen dangling crystals in windows, hiding scissors, hanging Chinese coins above doors, placing wood in certain room, and facing beds in the proper direction.  Mirrors appeared throughout the house.  Uyen wanted to ensure better luck in her ever faltering health and she wanted a grandchild from our daughter.  The feng shui was all about facilitating that.

I had forgotten about the mirror in the toilet tank.  The exact reason for placing the mirror there now escapes me.  Seeing the mirror, I thought back to the stretch of time when Uyen was busy rearranging our house and placing lucky talismans in conspicuous or hidden places.  Every day, for a few weeks in time, I came home to something new or different about the house.

I liked most of the feng shui arrangements and they made Uyen happy.

Today, I am posting a photograph of the mirror that once rested face-up in our toilet tank.

You cannot deny the strong energy of this mirror.

--Mitchell Hegman


  1. Mirrors, according to Feng Shui, bring abundance and luck and boost the chi energy throughout the house. And maybe including inside the toilet tank.

  2. I like how they play with the light!