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Sunday, November 27, 2016


—A grasshopper can jump 10 times its body length in height and broad jump 20 times its length.
—The average flea can jump a bit over 5 inches vertically and about 8 inches horizontally.  Such a vertical jump is equivalent to a man leaping over a 30 story building.   The horizontal jump is 200 times the flea’s body length.  In one documented experiment, a flea performed a 13 inch long-jump—equivalent to a 5-foot tall person jumping lengthwise across two football fields.
—Fish often jump from the water to avoid a predator or bully pursuing them.
—The Van Halen song “Jump,” aside from having vapid lyrics, was the band’s most successful single and the only one to reach number one on the charts.
—Adult elephants, hippos, rhinos, and sloths cannot jump.
—People jump to conclusions when they are light on facts.
—As near as I can tell, “hoppa” is Swedish for jump.
--Mitchell Hegman

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