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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Election Over, a Shooting Star

I am not a political person by nature.  Sure, I pay attention to what is going on.  I take in a little news from all sources.  Still, I have never been able to throw myself “all in” behind anyone.  This election cycle, I found both major party candidates exceedingly flawed.  Worse than that, I saw my entire country deeply divided and fringed with visceral hatred on both sides.  Too much name-calling and hyperbole for my taste.  I found the whole process below the dignity of my great country.  I don’t need to list the transgressions here—we all lived through it.
So here it is: I voted third party.
Normally, I eagerly watch election returns.  Last night, I crawled into bed early and allowed 20 pounds of housecat to curl at my feet.  Upon waking this morning, I consulted my smarter-than-me-phone to find Donald Trump as the winner.
I am not particularly happy about that.  Trump is a name-calling bully.  Those who golf with Trump say he is a far bigger cheater than Bill Clinton.  I have never been able to abide either of those traits.  His propensity for litigation also disturbs me.  Had Trump gone to my grade school, he is the type my rowdy friends would have beat-up.
After seeing the election results, I started coffee, fed my 40 pounds of housecat, and stepped outside to sit in the hot tub.  Above me, the stars spread forth in all directions, unwavering.  I couldn’t take my eyes off them.  Beautiful as ever.  And then, like a mouse scurrying across a bed of coals, a shooting star crossed the entire expanse.
Now that he is president, I wish Donald Trump the best.  I hope he finds the courage and means to bring our split country together again.  We cannot tolerate more “us against them.”
Another day begins.

--Mitchell Hegman

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