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Saturday, November 19, 2016

My Friends

A person’s character might remain largely internalized and may only be revealed in times of decision-making, crisis, or any other number of emotionally charged events.  Certain “character tells” do exist in our every-day lives.  Behavior around (and treatment of) pets is one of those.
Any number of traits can be assessed by watching someone interact with dogs or cats: level of kindness, patience, respect for others, and desire for inclusiveness.  Interactions with pets may also bring forth anger or reveal an abusive nature.  And consider this: Animal abuse is often the first manifestation of emotional turmoil in children.  Bigger yet, serial killers often begin their murderous streaks by killing animals and pets.
Conversely, some people are beacons for cats and dogs.  Such was the case for Uyen, my wife.  No matter how big the crowd of people, dogs would immediately approach her first, tails wagging.  They sensed her kind spirit. 
When I am at any sort of function with a gathering of both people and pets, I take note of the interactions between people and pets.  I am not looking for serial killers.  I just want to know who my friends are.     

--Mitchell Hegman