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Wednesday, November 23, 2016


I love carrot cake.  I am as fond of sitting as the next guy.  I fully embrace naked.  But I am not sure about sewing these all together in the form of “sploshing.”
Sploshing is a recent brand of sexual fetish.  The idea is fairly workmanlike.  You get naked and video yourself sitting on a cake or some other dessert.
I discovered sploshing yesterday while browsing the internet for “odd” news.
Technically, sploshing describes a wide range of activities.  Those include using a naked person as a table for a feast, rolling around in a pile of baked beans, slathering yourself in butter, and so on.  The sky (or, hopefully, something out there) is the limit.
According to Wikipedia, sploshing also falls under a somewhat broader category known as “wet and messy” fetishism.  Wet and messy has been around for a while.  Costumes, food, latex, all kinds of props and activity might be brought into the mix.  Apparently, videos abound.  Those involved in this stuff call themselves “wammers.”
I find all of these food-related sexual fetishes interesting and oftentimes odd.  Just the same, given the choice between Salma Hayek and sitting on a carrot cake…well, you know.
--Mitchell Hegman
PHOTO: Daily Mirror