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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

About Snow

Here are some interesting details:
—Theoretically, under proper conditions, snow can occur at temperatures up to 46°F.
—Montana’s 24-hour record for snowfall accumulation is 48 inches (Shonkin, May 29, 1982 & Milligan, December 27, 2003).  Florida’s 24-hour record for snowfall is 4 inches (Milton, March 6, 1954).  Colorado tops the record for the lower 48 states with a record 24-hour depth of 75.8 inches (Silver Lake, April 14, 1921).
—In 1988, a scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research found two identical snow crystals.
—Researchers have identified some 35 “types” of snowflakes.
—The largest snowflake ever observed fell at Fort Keogh, Montana (near Miles City) in January of 1887.  The snowflake measured 15 inches across.  Witnesses reported snowflakes “larger than milk pans” falling from the sky at Fort Keogh when the record snowflake fell.
—Snow can be comprised of up to 95 percent trapped air and is, therefore, a great insulator.  An igloo can be more than 100 degrees warmer on the inside than the on outside.
--Mitchell Hegman

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