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Saturday, February 11, 2017

An Island in the Snow

Previously, I wrote about how my 40 pounds of housecat (2 cats x 20 pounds ea. = 40 pounds) have been distressed because cold weather kept them indoors for the last two months.  The cold snap finally broke two days ago.  Warmer temperatures and rain began to carve away at the snow around my house. 
The snow at my back deck averaged two feet in depth before the warming spell.  By midmorning yesterday, several tufts of grass appeared a few feet off the edge of my deck—looking like fuzzy islands in a sea of white.
Splash, the crankiest of my cats, finally stepped outside early yesterday afternoon.  After sniffing at the deck here and there, he noticed an island of grass out in the snow.  He stepped down onto the snow, gingerly walked across the melting surface, and then sat there on the island of grass looking around.  He remained there for quite some time.   
He’ll take matter what size it is.

--Mitchell Hegman

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