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Saturday, July 1, 2017

The “New” Oldest Story in the World

A bulky, overly-assertive man bullied his way to the grocery checkout, making sure to reach the line ahead of a woman with a full shopping cart and a young boy squirming in her arms.  With his eyes narrowed and elbows out, one glance told you the big man had dispensed with niceties a very long time ago.  He dropped several items onto the belt and watched the checker, a striking young woman with long dark hair, scan and bag his purchases.  He grunted when the checker suggested he have a “nice rest of the day.”
The big man scooped up his bag and walked to the wall of glass at the storefront.  The automatic door did not open as he drew near.  Just before crashing into the glass, the man stopped cold.  He scowled at the door, unflinching.
The man stood there for a long time, long enough that an elderly woman from another checkout line was able to push her cart towards the glass a few feet to his left.  As the door automatically whisked open and she pushed her goods through, she whispered at the big man: “That’s a window, dumbass.”

--Mitchell Hegman

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