Photography And Half-Thoughts By Mitchell Hegman

...because some of it is pretty and some of it is not.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Only now do I fathom the magnitude of my misunderstanding.
Though I planted the linden and sage and the needle-and-thread grass individually,
though I see a juniper here and a rabbitbrush there,
seemingly occupying separate space,
underground they have connected.

Within the earth,
amidst diluvium and sweet dust and something more ancient,
the roots of sage and grass and tree have clasped together,
sharing fresh water and savoring vital minerals.

If these trees and grasses could sing,
their song would rise up in chorus from the roots.
Not the come and go leaves.
Not the rare seed.
--Mitchell Hegman


  1. I wouldn't be surprised at the underground connection. Above ground, we humans have the same link with each other, only invisible. The link is called Love.