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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A View from the Top

The upper chairlift at Yellowstone Club drops you off at 9,860 feet—close enough to the clouds that your first urge is to duck as the clouds spill past you.  Your second urge is to spin around and take in the impossible beauty of the seemingly endless expanse of mountains.  To one side, Sphinx Mountain surges 10,876 feet into the sky.  On another side, all 11,116 feet of Lone Peak rises to crown Big Sky Ski Resort.       
Yellowstone Club is a private resort.  On all days of the year, save one, only club members are allowed to access the ski lifts.  On one special day, employee appreciation day, club employees are allowed to bring a single guest to the club with them.  The employees are allowed to ski the slopes with their guests.  Club members volunteer to serve a free lunch and help manage other tasks.
That girl and I were fortunate enough to spend yesterday at Yellowstone Club.  We were the guests of my friend Mark and one of his coworkers.  That girl does not ski, so we all rode the lifts in our streetwear and walked on and off the chairs.  We rode two chairs to reach the top.
Today, I am posting photographs from our day “the club.”  That girl and Mark are featured in the last photograph.

--Mitchell Hegman