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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Inflatable Animals Engage in Weird Sex Act as Snowboarder Drowns

My blog title might be a bit misleading.  Okay...the title is totally bogus.  One of the photographs I am posing today seems to suggest what the title expresses, but the image is really a trick produced by my photographic point of view.
I can explain everything.
The photographs posted are from my trip to Yellowstone Club last week.  As part of the “Employee Appreciation Day,” snowboarders and skiers are invited to join in a pond skimming competition.  The idea, obviously, is to slide down the hill, successfully launch from a jump, and skim across a freshly filled pond.  The inflatable animals float around the pond as part of the ridiculous pageant.
Not many people make it.  Across the pond, I mean.  Nobody was seriously harmed during the event.
The entire affair is pretty big fun.

--Mitchell Hegman

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