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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Learning from Cooper

My buddy, Cooper, celebrated his fourth birthday not long ago.
I really like Cooper.
For the last couple years I have been paying a great deal of attention to his behavior.  Cooper is a people person.  More importantly, I like how he interacts with everyone.  Says exactly what he is thinking.  Not afraid to look you in the eye.  Knows what is his.  Knows what is yours.
I have always been fascinated by the bare honesty an innocence of kids.  Cooper has that.
A while back, I was visiting Cooper and his parents down at the lake.  Cooper’s dad, Tad, was fishing from shore.  As we all sat there chatting, two men in a small fishing boat trolled along the lake in front of us.  The boat was easily within our casting distance.  A certain tension always exists between fishermen on the shore and those in boats.  Those of us on shore normally grumble when a boat sputters by, especially when the boat is close.
Tad and one of the men in the boat exchanged a few strained pleasantries—a “how’s the fishin” sort of thing.  Almost immediately after that, Cooper yelled out to the fishermen: “Love you!”
Well, that’s not something I would have yelled out, but it certainly eased any previous tension. 
Lesson learned.
--Mitchell Hegman


  1. Funny how "I love you" is both an abused and underused statement. The world would probably be better off if we use "I love you" in a way an innocent four-year old would.