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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Why I Bother

On occasion, someone will ask me why I “bother” with writing these daily blogs.  Well, for one thing, this is old behavior.  I started writing pencil and ink journals at the age of nineteen.  I initially wrote my way out of a long and severe depression.  Those journals eventually transformed into my daily blogs.
I have been writing all these years for the same reason: I need to write errant thoughts out of my system so they don’t stick around, purposely planting weeds and starting spot fires in my thinking.
--Mitchell Hegman


  1. As a Psych nurse, that's Psych 101. Wish more of my former patients would have taken the advice I gave daily at work....JOURNAL.

  2. I am glad and am blessed that you share so much of yourself with us. And I envy your imagination, discipline, persistence and writing skills. You're a great role model for a writer. Keep up the best legacy you can leave behind -- yourself. How's that book of blogs and photography coming along?

  3. Thanks, to both of you for being readers! Writing a journal DOES help! Thanks for all the encouragement, Ariel, and for the heads-up on mistakes!