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Friday, September 23, 2016

Six Pushbuttons

Imagine six pushbuttons are on a panel before you.  You will be allowed to press a single button one time for one of the following results:
Button #1:  Vastly improves your math skills.
Button #2:  Makes your favorite sports team win the next two championships.
Button #3:  Changes your middle name.
Button #4:  Causes the clothes to fall off your favorite actor/actress whenever you see them.
Button #5:  Makes either a songbird or butterfly (choose one) land on the palm of your hand whenever you extend your hand and whistle.
Button #6:  Gives you a new car.
Which button would you press?

--Mitchell Hegman


  1. Good though device.

    I vacillated between #1 and #5. I didn't pick #2 because I'm not a FANatic of any sports team, #3 because I like my middle name, #4 because visual porn is boring and she would age just like I do, and finally #6 because I can purchase a new car anytime.

    I like #5, because it would be cool to call up a butterfly in the middle of a snow storm. I had to let this go, though, because I wouldn't want to be responsible for the butterfly freezing to death.

    So, #1 just because all the fun derived from the gift would depend solely on me. Just think how much satisfaction would be gained from solving Fermat's Last Theorem!

  2. I am a #5 for certain. I don't watch sports and don't have a favorite team of any kind. I am not good at math (and had to Google Fermat's Last Theorem). That would be my second button of choice. My middle name is George. I love that because I am named after my Super Grandfather!

  3. Button #7 which lets my eyes become super powerful and telescope-like allowing them to see clearly and beyond the clouds and up close and personal with the planets and the stars and everything else floating out there.