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Monday, September 26, 2016

That Girl’s Birthday

Today is that girl’s birthday.  Today is also the second anniversary of our first date.  Though, technically impossible, I think she is getting younger.
So…if not younger, more beautiful.
I love that girl when she is all bathrobe and curls of hair.  When the early light of morning makes her glow.  When she leans down and sincerely asks my 40 pounds of housecat how they are doing.
I love her all of the time, if you must know.
We met for a hike on our first date.   I presented her a bouquet of flowers.  We trekked to a waterfall and ate lunch in a sunlight forest.
What, then, for a gift this year?
I would love to invent a new color for her, but I don’t know where to begin.  I can’t afford an island retreat or a vacation in Spain.  I am incapable of writing her a song.  I gave her an early spray of flowers the other day.   Instead of all that, I stopped in to Free Ceramics and purchased something cheerful. 
And when she wakes in an hour or so, I shall wish her a happy birthday/anniversary, kiss her, and give her my humble gift.  Later we will hike Mount Helena.
Happy birthday/anniversary, that girl!

--Mitchell Hegman