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Friday, September 2, 2016

Sun Canyon

Yesterday, on a whim, that girl and I drove to Sun Canyon.  We stopped at Sun Canyon Lodge for a Bloody Mary and then drove on to explore some fifty or so miles of gravel road along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.
The Front (as we call it) is where the Earth flexes its strongest muscles.  Giant chunks of stone and whole mountains have been upheaved.  The backbones of the Rocky Mountains lie exposed for miles upon miles as you drive along the grassy plains or traverse the foothills on the east side of the Front.
This time of year, the grasslands are sun-bleached.  The green has receded to moist arroyos, low marshes, and back into the Rocky Mountains.  There is a lot of open and a lot of blue sky along the Rocky Mountain Front.
Just the way I like it.
Posted are three photographs from our drive.

--Mitchell Hegman


  1. You really do live in God's beautiful

  2. I particularly like the Front Range. It is a must see!