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Friday, March 10, 2017


Okay.  Grab a cup of coffee.  Those of you who like a little kick-start are welcome to spike your cup.  We need to have a frank discussion about sex and balloons this morning.  The specific subject for today is “looners.”
Looners are people who have a balloon fetish.
I watched a television program about looners the other night.  I would like to say I accidentally landed on the show, but it’s more complicated than that.  Anyhow, the program ranged from fascinating to, well, a little creepy at points.
Looners are attracted to balloons for any variety of reasons.  The color of some balloons might trigger affection for some people.  For others, the texture, scent, size, shape, the way balloons move about, or any combination of all might tip the scales.
And there is more.
Two distinct types of looners emerge once you fill a room with balloons.
“Poppers” are looners who particularly enjoy popping balloons.  Some of these folks equate the popping of a balloon with—I’m sure you guessed—an orgasm.  Big bangs are better.
“Non-poppers” don’t like popping balloons at all.  Most non-poppers will do most anything to avoid popping a balloon.  Many in this group find the popping of a balloon quite destressing.
In both cases, this is a “hands on” fetish.
Balloons are the thing. 
One of the men featured in the show, a non-popper, said he felt “very close” to his balloons.  His affection for them was something akin to what he feels for people.  He stuffed his shirt with balloons.  He filled his bed with them.  He hugged his balloons.
As a whole, I found looners a fascinating lot.  Not really my thing, but as fetishes go, I would rate this fetish as mild.  Honestly, I am more disturbed by people who take-up two spaces when they park their car or truck—and I am one of those!
--Mitchell Hegman

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