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Monday, March 20, 2017

Thoughts from the Bathroom

I am writing this from inside the bathroom of a second floor guest room at Fairmont Hot Springs, Montana.
I don’t have much time.
Wait, that sounds desperate.  Let me explain.  I am here for a National Electrical Code seminar with a bunch of electricians, electrical engineers, electrical inspectors, and some folks from Underwriter’s Laboratories.
Oh, geez.  That sounds worse!
Okay.  I need to get out of this bathroom.  Let’s give this a final run.
First, I am in the bathroom writing because that girl didn’t sleep well last night and I don’t want to wake her.  It’s a bit steamy in here because I showered before sitting on the toilet with my computer (fully clothed, thank you). 
Yesterday afternoon, I taught a solar PV class to about 70 people attending the seminar.  The class is mostly about upcoming changes in Code for solar PV installations.  For whatever sick reason, I really enjoy teaching stuff about the National Electrical Code. 
Moving along.
Fairmont Hot Springs is fantastic.  I insist that you drive over here and take a ride down the curly waterslide.  Since first arriving here, I have seen dozens of my friends and professional acquaintances from across the state.  My coffee (this is for you Sandi) is brewing one teeny-tiny cup at a time in a miniature coffee maker and barely keeping up.  We have ducks in a pond outside our window.  That girl’s sister came down to visit from Three Forks yesterday.
I am now standing at the bathroom sink writing, preparing to brush me teeth.
Yesterday, that girl asked: “Did you ever think you would be standing in front of all those people teaching when you first started your career?”     
“Nope.  I was too busy making sure I didn’t get shocked and didn’t burn-up stuff.  I was not fully successful.”
Note: I apologize for any mistakes in this writing—no time for a proof…

--Mitchell Hegman


  1. Would be great if you can teach in a national code seminar state by state!

  2. I am shocked at this story. Just shocked - my hair is curling in the steam. :-)