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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Sand from a Bottle

Beer is leading the way.
Many of us (especially those of us from East Helena, Montana) have long suspected this.
Recent items in the news have offered firm proof that drinking beer is smart and good for the planet.
Perhaps you recall Saltwater Brewery, the craft beer brewery in Delray, Florida.
Disturbed that their plastic six-pack rings, when flung into the ocean, became a hazard to sea turtles and other marine creatures, Saltwater Brewery invested in a new idea: biodegradable and edible six-pack rings.  At some expense, the company helped develop rings made from barley and wheat ribbons—both byproducts of the brewing process.  Far from being a hazard, sea creatures can eat the rings if they are pitched in the water.  If discarded otherwise, the rings harmlessly degrade and vanish.
Now, D B Export, another beer company, has come up with a unique solution for disappearing beach sand.  Apparently, in some regions of the world, the loss of beach sand is a severe problem.  Rather than explaining how D B Export has taken on this problem, I urge you to watch the video posted below.
--Mitchell Hegman

Here is the link for the video posted here:

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