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Monday, March 6, 2017

Questions, Version 2.0

1. Have you ever snooped through the drawers and cabinets of a friend's bathroom?
2. Would you say your worst transgressions have been against people or against animals?
3. If you were a police officer on duty and you caught a family member speeding, would you issue a ticket or a warning?
4. When you hear the word “tweet” do you think of a certain bird or do you think of a 140-character message?
5. When an annoying song gets stuck in your head, do you try singing it while sounding like Bob Dylan to make it go away?
--Mitchell Hegman

Note: #5 totally works!


  1. Answers:
    1. I wouldn't call it snooping but I had to look at the drawers of your hallway bathroom the first time I was there and looking for a hair dryer.
    2. My worst transgressions have been against myself.
    3. I'd give a ticket unless the speeding was done because of unusual circumstances.
    4. I think of a certain Reptilian THAT has assumed human form and with his fellow Reptilians are sowing separation, discord and havoc in our society and getting rid of policies that have been put in place to prevent the further degradation of our planet.
    5. I haven't had that experience.

  2. Love your answers! I think your answer for #2 is likely true for most people.