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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Weight Loss Program

That girl and I have been together long enough that we are starting to think alike.  I have not yet got her thinking that allowing 40 pounds of housecat to sleep in bed with us is a good idea and she has not quite convinced me that I need to check the “sell by” date on whatever food I stuff in my mouth; but we are getting closer.
Here is the latest.  We have both been trying to maintain a fairly constant weight.  We have experienced mixed success on this.  I am not talking about a great deal of weight gain or loss, mind you.  We tend to suffer fluctuations of less than five pounds.  An extended holiday or a week of inactivity is enough to drive the scale up.  A bit more activity and watching what we eat drives the scale readings down.
The other day, that girl came home with a brand new bathroom scale.
“Are we going to try and lose a bit more weight,” I asked.
“That’s what I figured.  And you’re thinking a new scale might show that we weigh less, right?”
That girl laughed.  “Yes.”
“Good thinking!  I had the very same thought!
After I unpackaged the new scale, I placed it alongside the old scale in the master bath.  I stood on the old scale and noted my weight.  I then stood on the new scale.
A full two pounds less on the new scale.  Significant weight loss in mere seconds!
I think that girl could market this stuff.

--Mitchell Hegman

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