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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Satanic Turkeys?

Let’s begin with this: The turkeys you are about to see are not satanic.  What they are is simple-minded.
A couple days ago, a man named Jonathan Davis, on his way to work near Boston, came upon more than a dozen wild turkeys steadily circling around a cat that had been killed in the middle of a street.  The scene was eerily reminiscent of a satanic ritual—almost as if the turkeys were circling in worship.  Jonathan captured a video with his cellphone.
Wildlife biologists explain the event a bit differently.  David Scarpitti, one such biologist, put it this way: “I’m not sure they (the turkeys) quite understand it’s a carcass in the road.  But there’s always a ring leader in charge, and she likely encountered it to evaluate the threat.  And as she is doing that, the rest are following suit.”
Click on the video below and watch for yourself.
It really is a bit creepy.
--Mitchell Hegman
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