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Monday, March 21, 2016

A Lesbian Woman Using a Tattooed Man as a Blanket

A new season of Naked and Afraid has started on the Discovery Channel.  I am simple enough to enjoy the show.  I love the premise.  Two strangers—a man and a woman—are flown to some remote location in the world where they get naked, meet in the wild, and then attempt to survive for 21 days without food stock or water.
They are each allowed one primitive tool.
The show is really not about seeing nudity.  For one thing, censors blur-out all of the blush-worthy stuff.  And pretty soon you are more interested in the dynamic established between the two survivalists anyway.  The team approach to making fire and finding drinking water always fascinates me.
The first episode I watched last night featured a self-proclaimed lesbian and a heavily-tattooed artist dude.  The pair quickly established a solid team bond.  Normally, the first few nights spent together in a shelter are a bit delicate.  Not so with this pair.  After a single night of shivering and tentative hugging to stay warm, the woman basically climbed right on top of the man.  Later, she urged him to lay atop her.
This had zero to do with sex.
This all about survival and—for someone as artless as me—compelling television.  The smart survivalists are the first ones to get beyond sex.

--Mitchell Hegman

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