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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Nature Photo Challenge, Last Photo

My final photograph for this challenge is the oldest of the series.  I captured this photograph with my first digital camera in 2004.  The photograph features a lone tree near the shore of Lake Helena.  The photograph was taken at sunrise during late winter.  The lake is still covered with a layer of ice.
In this photograph, I see light overcoming darkness.
As a final detail of the seven-day nature photo challenge, I am to challenge someone else to post for seven days.  This challenge is to include the sharing of my post and said challenge on the timeline for the person I challenge.  I do not wish to challenge someone without first assuring they are interested.  For one thing, the fact the photos must be taken by the person posting is somewhat limiting.
Thus far, I have not found an interested party.
Still buffering over here…
--Mitchell Hegman

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  1. Powerful shot! Thanks for doing the nature photo challenge