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Friday, March 4, 2016

Not 20 Pounds of Housecat

This morning, while still rubbing sleep from my eyes, I set coffee to brewing in my mostly darkened house and stepped outside to peer at the stars.  I check on the stars nearly every morning.
Yep.  I could tell they were all still there without counting.
As I wandered back in the house, I saw what I thought was 20 pounds of overfed housecat on the floor in my living room.  “Geez,” I thought, “I need to thin my boys down.  That is one fat cat!”
When I switched on another light, I saw that the “cat” was actually one of that girl’s folding step stools.  These stools occasionally migrate through the house.
Posted, is a photograph the stool in question.  I placed my coffee cup on the step stool (for reference to size) before snapping the photograph. 
Not exactly 20 pounds of overfed housecat…but if you know my cats, you can understand my mistake.

--Mitchell Hegman

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