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Friday, March 18, 2016

Nature Photo Challenge Day #5

Haystack Butte, the peak at the left in the photograph is unusual.  For one thing, the peak would fit better on a Hawaiian island than here, as a solitary figure, on the Montana prairie south of the Rocky Mountain Front.  I say this because Haystack Butte was born from volcanic forces—same as the Hawaiian Islands.  In the photograph, you will note the Rocky Mountain Front kicking against the sky far off in the distance to the left.  Those mountains are primarily huge blocks of ocean born sedimentary rock that have been violently upturned in tectonic events.
The Front Range, as we call this area, is one of my favorite places in Montana.  Amend that.  In all the world.  This is the exact place where the Great Northern Plains greet the Continental Divide.  Words such as “vast” and “spectacular” come to mind as you drive through this area.
The clarity of view is unmatched.
Wildlife is abundant.  Grizzly bears occasionally probe the prairie from their mountain retreats.
The whole sky moves overtop you.

--Mitchell Hegman


  1. Sacred ground. I've been there both in this and in a past lifetime.

  2. I recall your reaction when we went there. It is sacred ground.