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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Total Dropout Syndrome

I have an ordinary brain.  I mean, it functions relatively well most of the time.  I can string a few numbers together.  I generally avoid running into walls.  I eventually find lost keys.  While rocket science and foreign languages are out, I have, just the same, managed to work steadily throughout my adult life.  I even constructed the house I presently reside in.
Good brain, there.
But my brain has a glitch.  I suffer from what I call “total dropout syndrome.”
Total dropout syndrome is when my brain suddenly ceases normal function.  All synapses drop out at the same time.  When such lapses occur, I entertain bizarre, if not stupid, thoughts.
In common vernacular, my shit does not connect.
I had a total dropout syndrome episode yesterday.  As I read through the paper, I read the following headline: Man shot by police after drawing weapon at US Capitol.   
That’s crazy, I thought.  Why would someone get shot just for drawing (as in sketching on paper) a weapon?  In my mind, I saw the following image.

--Mitchell Hegman


  1. Nowadays people get shot at by police. Period. You don't have to be drawing a weapon.

  2. Yes, but I literally thought the headline meant that they guy was sketching one on a piece of paper and got shot for that.