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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Nature Photo Challenge Day #2

Orange agoseris is one of very few native Rocky Mountain wildflowers that displays orange when it blooms.  Some people refer to these flowers as orange mountain dandelions.  The flower is similar and the plant produces a milky white sap as do dandelions.
Agoseris blooms in the summer.  I sometimes find orange agoseris when I am clambering through the forests on a quest for huckleberries.  I have never found them in great quantity.  When I do find one, they standout like bright beacons in the night.  They may reach a height of two feet.  A single flower will appear on each stem.
The picture posted today, as part of the seven-day nature photo challenge I accepted, is a macro shot of an agoseris.  The flower is in early stages of bloom.  I found this particular flower in a sun-crossed opening deep in the woods near Lincoln, Montana.

 --Mitchell Hegman