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Friday, May 6, 2016

New Smarter-Than-Me-Phone

I purchased a new smarter-than-me-phone and service plan yesterday.  The purchase and basic information transfer from old phone to new phone took almost two hours.  Once I arrived home, I began to fiddle with the device.
The home screen was alien.  Swiping the screen brought forth more alien interface screens.  Odd new icons appeared.  Four hours later, as I fumbled through lighted landing points, I began to understand the weight of swapping devices.  Reestablishing email connections.  Facebook.  Instagram.
How many dozen apps had I installed on my old phone?
Where is this?
How do I find that?
What in the hell will that widget do?
Download, yes or no?
Passwords, passwords, passwords.
Dinner was overheating in the oven as I poked and wiped through the smartphone interface.
At one point I called out to that girl: “Who knew getting a new smartphone could be such a long and traumatic experience?

--Mitchell Hegman

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