Photography And Half-Thoughts By Mitchell Hegman

...because some of it is pretty and some of it is not.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Quiet, Stupid People

The man and woman drove for two days across a treeless expanse.  The horizon never moved as broken highway lines flicked under the wheels.   Toward the end of the second day, they came upon a small, dust ridden town.
Reading the town’s name on a faded sign, the man grimaced.  He immediately swung the car off onto the side of the road.  A gust of wind swept a single tumbleweed across the road nearby.
“Something is wrong,” the man said.  “We should not be here.”
“I know,” the woman responded.  “You took a wrong turn two days ago.  I should have said something.”
The man drove into town and fueled the car.
The man and woman drove back across the treeless expanse for two days.
--Mitchell Hegman


  1. Silence is golden they say but not unfortunately in this case.

  2. As in all things, best in moderation!