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Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Food That Binds

I have never saved a fish or animal from hopeless entanglement in a plastic six-pack ring.   I have, however, fished rings from the water and have seen enough videos to know that plastic six-pack rings can be harmful or deadly to many hapless creatures.
That might be changing.
Saltwater Brewery, a small craft beer company in Delray Beach, Florida, has developed edible six-pack rings.  Mind you, humans may not be serving the rings with hamburgers anytime soon, but some fish and sea turtles love them.  The rings are produced from barley and wheat ribbons—byproducts of the brewing process.  If not eaten, the rings are fully biodegradable.
The new six-pack rings do cost more, but Saltwater Brewery hopes that as more rings are produced the price will drop.  If other companies begin to use them, that is sure to happen.
I hope this idea catches on.
Posted below is a video that explains a bit more.
--Mitchell Hegman
If this video fails to launch, please click on the following link:  


  1. Bravo for FLorida's Salt Water Brewery for leading the way towards using technologies that don't harm our environment and fellow creatures on Planet Earth!

  2. I love this concept! I would pay more to support this kind of innovation.